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Body 2 Body Massage

Do you fancy a horny Body 2 Body Massage? With her nipples, lower abdomen, navel and thighs you will receive a wonderful massage. After that, she occasionally slips into the pubic area. Then she feels all the intimate spots and possibly gives the star some attention as well! Then she will give you an amazing oral or penetrating stunner with a condom!. Fireworks!!

Erotic massage

You will be spoiled by one of the sexy ladies, who will spoil you all over your body by means of their breasts..so soft and exciting....Enjoy it !!!

Kinky Massage

With this KINKY massage you will enjoy Naughty hands that will TACKLE you wonderfully HARD HANDS and bring you to an overall excitement!! Super TOP experience. And these KINKY experiences on a patent leather sheet…

Tibetan Massage

All the girls at Prive 42 are certified for this wonderful Tibetan massage! Massage with warm essential oils.

First you will be completely heated with a Hot Towel, then she will spoil you with a heated Oil. Until a wonderful orgasm!!

Nuru Massage

Suzy & Melissa have certified, among other things, for Nuru or Nori {smooth} massage. This style originated in Japan. It is a very sensual massage between you and the girl using full body contact. Nuru Gel is water-based, a 96% natural product and is not an oil. After use, the gel rinses easily from your body and is odorless.



The Traditional Thai Massage or Nuat Phaen Boran is more than 2,500 years old. Originally Indian, this form of massage came to Thailand together with the Buddhist monks. Both physically and mentally this Thai massage gives you a pure pleasure. Suzy of Thai origin, speaks Dutch, English and Spanish.

 Erotic massages can also be performed by 4 hands, which will leave a deep impression on you…. the 2 ladies will spoil you from top to bottom….. you will enjoy yourself!